“You Better Control Your Jealousy” – Bishop Oyedepo To Persons Attacking Churches For Owning Private Jets

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In recent times, the conversation about Nigerian pastors/churches owning private jets became more intense, as well as the discourse on whether Christians should give tithes or not.
On the one hand is the group saying pastors should not own private jets, adding that they are using church funds (tithes and offerings) to maintain their “luxurious lifestyle,” hence Christians should not “give tithes to pastors” but help the poor and needy around them. Another group says tithing is a personal decision and people should be left to spend their money how they deem fit.
Some other people are indifferent and some share some of the sentiments of both groups above.
In a video that has surfaced on social media recently, Bishop David Oyedepo , Senior Pastor of
Living Faith Church (LFC) Worldwide a.k.a Winners Chapel, speaking during a church service has cautioned persons attacking pastors for owning private jets saying “you better control your jealousy”. “We have been flying jest before you went to school,” he adds.
Speaking “against the church of Christ is a risk…. The church is the most value-adding institution in Nigeria,” he says


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