Why Romance Should Be A Constant In Your Relationship

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Before we go any further, you should just know that the reason many of us are not romantic is because of our definitions of the word, ‘romance’.

What is romance? Many of us believe it refers to effusive gesture upon the other meant to sweep we women off our feet and make us swoon over the fact that we landed the most charming guy in the world. Nope! Romance is not about a specific gesture; it really is just your personality and no, don’t think you can wriggle out of this saying you are naturally unromantic. Romance is about expressing love in any way you can. Therefore, everyone has the capacity to be romantic as long as they have the capacity to love.

That being said, you should never let romance fizzle out of your life because it is meant to be a show of your love for each other. More so, your man is not a psychic so don’t assume he will know you love him; he needs that warm, fuzzy feeling in the pit of his stomach too.

Secondly, the more romantic you are, the more you also spur your man to reciprocate the gesture. Remember that love is a two-way thing so if you want the candlelit dinner and all that stuff, you must be willing to find that soft spot that turns him into melted chocolate. At times that spot may be triggered by a hug when he least expects it or some other small gesture.

Third, it gives you two something to look forward to. Spontaneous shows of love, ranging from small gestures like a handmade card to grand ones like a party in your beloved’s honor spice up your relationship.

Romance should never disappear from your relationship, no matter how old the relationship is.



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