S3x!! How Long Should The First Round Last?

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Hey guys,

We are here with another interesting question about our Sex life.

Topics like this are very Important to discuss, so we can read/hear/know about other people’s problem, what they go through, then relate their problem with ours and look for a lasting solution to it.

There has been a controversy about Male Sex life that keeps many of us puzzled a lot. Today, we will talk about this and hear from others.

Many people think at first round, it’s okay for a guy to cum faster and then enjoy other rounds/spends more time without cumming easily.

Some think it’s a worst thing for a guy to come under 30 minutes at First Round – Anyhow this goes, we need to her from you.

As a matured and well exposed/experienced guy 👇

How Long Do You Think A Man Should At Least Last In Bed For First Round?
We want to hear from you.

Drop your honest opinion below!!!



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