OMG! 17-Year-Old Boy Kills & Set His Mother Ablaze Over Missing Memory Card (See Photos)

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A 17-old boy identified as Emmanuel was arrested Monday, Jan 15 and charged with murder. Emmanuel, reportedly beat his own mother to death just because he couldn’t find his memory card, and thought she had it. According to reports, Emmanuel asked his mother if she knew where his memory card was, she denied having any knowledge of where the card could be, but Emmanuel didn’t believe and kept insisting she had it. When his mother kept insisting she didn’t have it nor know where it was, Emmanuel became furious and attacked his own mother with a pestle. He hit her on the head over and over again till she was completely helpless, seeing that his mother was still alive, Emmanuel, without feeling any remorse, went outside, removed a burning firewood from a nearby fire and repeatedly burned her with it until she died. Emmanuel was apprehended shortly after the murder and handed to the police. See the photos below:-


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