Baby Killed By Monkey After Being Snatched From Breastfeeding Mum

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A 12-day-old baby boy has died after a monkey snatched him from the arms of his breastfeeding mum inside their home.

The child, called Arush, was being breastfed when the animal reportedly ran into the house and grabbed him by his neck.

He was then carried away, as his panicked parents gave chase and neighbours hurled stones at the monkey to try to get it to drop him.

Despite the desperate efforts to rescue the little boy, he was found bleeding heavily on the roof of a neighbour’s home in India.

His heartbroken dad, Yogesh, said he had no pulse.

The youngster, from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, was taken to a local hospital, but was sadly declared dead on arrival.

Recalling the incident late on November 12, Yogesh said the monkey ran into his family’s home through the open front door.

“The front door was left open and my wife was breastfeeding the baby when a monkey suddenly ran into the house,” he told local media.

The dad added that the creature grabbed Arush by the neck and ran off before his breastfeeding mum, Neha, could do anything.

The couple gave chase, but they tragically couldn’t save their boy.

Neighbours in Runakta, a small town on the outskirts of Agra, reportedly rushed to help after hearing Neha’s screams.

Agra Police Assistant Superintendent Abhishek said the locals “threw stones at the monkey to force it to drop the baby”.
“But by the time he abandoned it, he had already attacked him severely on the face,” Abhishek told CNN.

Arush was auto rickshaw driver Yogesh and Neha’s only child.

The couple have been married for two years.

Local police confirmed Arush’s body had been sent for an autopsy and would soon be returned to his family for burial.


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