13 Things That Goes Through A Woman’s Mind During Sex

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Women are multitaskers, we like doing many different things at the same time.
Just because of this, our mind wanders off, even during sex. One minute we’re in the moment and the next we are thinking about our pets and what we are going to name them. Apparently, if we were able to focus as well as men do we would probably be able to do much more than we already do. But unfortunately, since we haven’t reached that level of concentration, I can assure you we think a lot, especially during sex. Men can be there enjoying all the glory and we are busy gossiping about you guys in secret. Here are thoughts that go through a woman’s mind during sex.

1. He is not all that.
2. I wonder if he likes my lingerie, why hasn’t he said anything?
3. Do I look fat? Should I ask him to switch the lights off?
4. Damn, he really knows what he is doing.
5. Definitely better than my last.
6. My legs are tired but I can’t tell him that. It’s not sexy.
7. Am I too loud? Do I sound good?
8. How can I impress him?
9. Am so hungry, wonder what I will eat after this.
10. This guy must watch a lot of porn.
11. He talks too much can’t he just shut the hell up?
12. Am getting bored, I have other things to do.
13. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s already over.


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